~ The wastewater rate increases are needed for the City to meet its bond covenants, operation and maintenance costs and to adequately fund its capital improvement project reserve.

~ Nobody likes paying more for services but because the rates have not been properly adjusted for inflation for decades, we find ourselves having to play catch-up.

~ We are obligated to pay our way now and not burden future ratepayers with our unpaid debts.

~ The wastewater infrastructure will continue to fail and not be able to function in a way to ensure the health and safety of the residents.

~ Wastewater system failures resulting in spills will have the consequence of fines being levied against the City by State and Federal regulatory agencies.

~ The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce supports the rate increases. Businesses want infrastructure that works.

~ The credit rating agencies will initiate actions resulting in massive costs to the City and its residents if they believe the City is not meeting its fiduciary responsibilities.

~ The rating agencies may potentially downgrade our credit rating, resulting in greatly increased borrowing costs, loss of our Letter of Credit and recall of certain outstanding bond issuances.

~ A recall election will cost at least $221,000 and will probably not occur until 2018.

~ The winning candidates will only serve until November 2018 when they will have to run for reelection.

~ The winning candidates will face the same crumbling infrastructure and bond covenants as the present City Council and will, therefore, be forced to substantially implement the same rate increases as are currently planned.

~ Expert consultants have provided the data for the capital improvement project needs assessment. There just aren't any short-cuts when it comes to this type of massive capital improvement project.

~ The City is required by State and Federal regulations to meet certain standards in its collection, treatment and discharge of wastewater. Failure to do so will result in massive fines.

~ Don’t let your anger over taxes and politicians cloud your judgement. The present City Council has addressed and rectified the management issues of the past.