Did you Know? T or F
 Recalling Council members will lower utility rates.  False
 Measure M will lower utility rates.  False
 Utility rates were raised behind the backs of the people.  False
 Utility rates will go up 87%.  False


Past councils and administrations did not invest in our infrastructure because it was politically convenient to keep rates low while surrounding cities were making investments in their infrastructure.


The current council has to deal with the neglect of the past.


We all enjoyed lower rates and were benefactors of the past neglect, now the chickens have come home to roost.


We need to be prompted to think and realize that this will not self-correct or go away regardless of who sits on the council.


The wastewater problem is just too bad to ignore anymore.


There's no magic pot of money hidden in the city coffers, an FBI raid, DA investigations, countless audits and consultants have already confirmed this.


They have revealed past sloppy accounting with poor oversight which has subsequently been corrected but the wounds inflicted by the past management will continue to surface for a long time no matter who's in charge.